Be good at what you're good at.

SENDCode is an innovative approach to supporting young autistic and socially isolated people to develop interpersonal, communication, employability and independent living skills which will allow them to aspire to worthwhile careers in the digital and creative sectors.

A busy year in 2022 and an even busier 2023 meant our impact video was delayed. We hope you enjoy seeing what we've been up to!

Thanks to Jennifer Walkden for all the hard work to produce this animation.

We hope you enjoy our Social Impact Video created by our young people. They planned, filmed and edited it from start to finish.


We are so pleased to have finally moved into Cooperatives UK's building at Holyoake House on Hanover Street - just 10 seconds from our previous studio at Federation House.

Our young people have visited the studio and given it the seal of approval and we'll be welcoming them in from next week.

Also excited about our increased collaboration with Digital Advantage.  

We're so proud to have been involved with this research. We always believed that devoting time to listening to the views, hopes and aspirations of our SENDCoders is the most important thing we can do. You can read about about the Excellence Award here.

Having research to prove that our approach is the right one is key to us being able to work with more young people, who have often been forgotten by the systems designed to support them. You can read more about the research project here.

We are so proud to have had such an impact in our first year as a Community Interest Company. Hope you like this very SENDCode way of telling you about it!

We're proud to be Referral Partners for We Love Manchester's Rising Stars which is a £200,000 fund for ambitious young Mancunians who need financial support to realise their dreams.

Here is a a short film recorded and produced by one of the participants on the We Love Mcr funded Covid-19 recovery programme .

What a talent with a great eye for production and somebody who definitely needs to get out of the home and into a digital workplace as soon as possible!

Check out his photographic skills too on his website.

We are so excited to be working in collaboration with Greater Manchester Autism Consortium, Content Creators Renardo Jones , Ben Simpson, Digital Advantage and their  rising star Beck Cromack-Hough in the production of their #GMEnablingEmployment campaign which promotes positive stories and experiences from real people in Greater Manchester , living or working with people with autism or learning disabilities.

Once upon a time James found he couldn't cope with all the noise, smells, rooms and numbers of people he was supposed to engage with at secondary school. All he wanted to do was play his computer game and talk to his friends online, with his headphones on to block out all the other noise. When he did this he felt relaxed but when he was forced to sit all day long in busy, noisy classrooms, with other children who didn't understand him whilst listening to adults talking about things that didn't interest him he would start to feel a growing sensation in his body, starting with his legs tingling then his stomach turning before he eventually felt like he wanted to scream or cry. He couldn't cry in front of others though so instead he would refuse to work or walk out of the room and sometimes he even threw things at other people. Because of this the school asked him not to come in for a few days. Because of that he felt too embarrassed to go back when he was eventually allowed, because he knew the school would still be the same and he didn't really fit in, until finally six weeks had gone by and he just couldn't face another school. If only somebody had let James be good at what he was good at.

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