Establishing TRUST in the people and environment at SENDCode

Weeks 1-4 is all about making young people (SENDCoders) feel comfortable in their surroundings and with the other people working in those surroundings. It involves ice breaker activities, a strengths and difficulties questionnaire (SDQ) online, travel planning for journeys to Innospace, an I CAN baseline assessment and once a week session, enrolling and familiarisation with iDEA and Google Classroom. 

Finding a FOCUS for learning at SENDCode

Weeks 4-8 involves SENDCoders embarking on the  Citizen Badges with iDEA that they find most interesting and working towards the Bronze Award. In addition to this they will continue with the I CAN Talk about Talk Secondary programme for an hour each week. This will also be the start of putting the travel planning into practice by visiting Innospace one day each week to continue with the Citizen Badge work in a different environment. SENDCoders will be expected to bring their laptop (provided for them) to Innospace to encourage independence and organisation.

Opening up to new OPPORTUNITIES at SENDCode

Weeks 8-12 involve embedding the skills gained in weeks 1-8 and beginning to take in new opportunities . By now all SENDCoders should be familiar with Innospace and have increased confidence and interpersonal skills. This will allow SENDCoders to plan supported travel for visits to various tech companies and also the Knutsford Academy IT department. Should this be too soon there will be opportunity for remote learning with the Academy or video conferencing with tech company representatives. In addition to the online tasks SENDCoders will also have the opportunity to complete units towards a qualification from the Prince's Trust Achieve Personal Development and Employability Programme.

FUTURE PROOFING decisions beyond SENDCode

Week 13 and beyond will see SENDCoders reassessed using the I CAN and SDQs to demonstrate the impact of the programme. Each SENDCoder will be provided with a written report describing the progress they have made and also the report on the progress within iDEA. Possible next steps will be included in the report from SENDCode and may involve advice on interpersonal skills, work experience or Supported Internships.


After week 13 SENDCode will maintain connections with alumni SENDCoders and may still support them on their next steps, for example to attend a formal Coding course or in establishing a Supported Internship programme. If SENDCoders do not feel ready to move on then they are more than welcome to continue with us to complete more iDEA Badges and Awards until they are ready for Next Steps.

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