SENDCode is a specialist programme designed for young people who are unable to access school or Post-16 providers because of environmental  or social factors. The programme provides a small scale environment with highly skilled professionals and mentors who allow young people the time and space to build confidence and access learning related to working in the Digital Economy. Support is provided in Digital skills,  interpersonal skills, familiarisation with a variety of different work space environments, work experience, independent travel training and mentoring once the programme ends.

SENDCode was founded by Seamus Mannion who has worked in schools for over 20 years, despite not looking old enough! He has lots of successful experience of improving outcomes for young people who are on the Autism Spectrum.

He likes using technology to make life easier for himself and others. He really believes that all children and young people should be given the opportunity to do what they are good at.

He is a qualified teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Specialist Assessor for exam access arrangements.

Seamus loves to ride bikes on his own, with his family and friends . Any kind of bikes on the road, off the road on tracks or off tracks.  He is also a qualified Mountain Bike Leader and helps to coach and run a Go-Ride cycling club near his home.

The thing he loves most though is when he makes young people happy. SENDCode is a chance for Seamus to let many young people on the autistic spectrum be good at what they're good at.

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